Upgrade guide

Instructions to upgrade S-Cart from 6.7 to 6.8

Step 1. Add column other_fee in table  sc_shop_order

ALTER TABLE `sc_shop_order` ADD COLUMN `other_fee` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `tax`;

Step 2: Replace namespace of Plugin:

Replace "App\Http\Controllers\RootAdminController" by "SCart\Core\Admin\Controllers\RootAdminController"
Replace "App\Http\Controllers\RootFrontController" by "SCart\Core\Front\Controllers\RootFrontController"

More detail: https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart/commit/189b1a4c358f02c6ef88d819aebe8f2b9d5424cc

Step 2.2: 
From S-Cart 6.8.6, the handling contents of seeder files are changed in s-cart/core. So need to update the content of the new files:
See the content of the new seeder files here: https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart/tree/v6.8.6/database/seeders
More detail: https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart/commit/a71d5e96e2c85818b513c5b097569cdc7ae5b88b
- Update plugin:
Detail: https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart/commit/55ce5d2f92e4d745be7c5b250d4e2f7602c4d4cb

Step 3: Update composer.json

"s-cart/core": "~6.8.0"

Step 4: Update core

php composer.phar update s-cart/core

Step 5: Update database

php artisan sc:update

- Run command line php artisan sc:info to check information.

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