S-Cart multiple vendor (Pro)- Marketplace

1. Functions
2. Vendor type
3. Installation Instructions  
4. Logic process
-- 4.a. Pay the vendor
5. Custom guide
-- 5.a. Change url
-- 5.b. Configuration

1. Functions

- Log in normally (email, password) or social networks (google, facebook, ...)
- Update personal address
- Manage shopping cart, wishlist, compare list
- Manage order history
- Buy products on the booths of the marketplace or the distributor's own domain name
- Support to quickly buy many products of vendor

- Has its own admin page
- Product Management
- Manage banners, categories
- Order management
- Update store information
- Create your own content pages (promotions, referrals, ..)
- Writing  blogs, news
- Having a booth on the main website (e-commerce platform)
- Use domain name exclusive for vendor website
- Customize the layout and template of your own website and booth.
- View payment history: total amount of sales, amount received, amount remaining
- There are 2 types of vendor accounts: basic account (store only), partner account (with own domain name)
- Vendor can manually create another admin account to log in to manage his store
- Users can register for a vendor account by themselves to sell products
- B2B, B2C

- The admin account has full rights on the system
- Manage all suppliers (including products, orders, domains, ...)
- Create/delete, change vendor's store information
- Create, delete, change information  vendor login account
- Configure commission rates with vendor
- Enable/disable the automatic registration of vendor accounts
- Automatic/non-automatic approval of  vendors's store
- Automatic/non-automatic approval of products posted by vendors
- Manage history, statistics, payments to vendor
- Prevent/allow domain names from accessing the system

- Always receive new features and patches from S-Cart
- Has the full functionality of the S-Cart ecommerce system: API, multi-language, multi-currency, flexible shopping cart handling, powerful admin/group management, news generation
- Free plugin library is always updated and added: flash sale, product review, cms,...
- Community groups of S-Cart ecommerce (facbook, github) are always ready to support for free.

2.Vendor type
  Vendor basic Vendor partner
Stores on the marketplace Yes Yes
Vendor admin account Yes Yes
Create your own category Yes Yes
Product Management Yes Yes
Manage categories Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes
Update store information Yes Yes
View payment history Yes Yes
Customize CSS -- Yes
Create content blocks -- Yes
Maintenance maintenance function -- Yes
Store configuration -- Yes
Private pages: promotions, introductions,... -- Yes
Have your own website -- Yes
Blogging/news writing -- Yes

3. Installation Instructions:

Step 1:
Access to  Admin -> Other Plugin -> Import Plugin
Step  2:
Import file .zip of plugin
Step 3:
Copy folder template/block and template/vendor to your template.

Step 4:
Manage store listings

Step 5:
Create a vendor account and grant store management rights



- Link admin: Root admin root-domain.com/sc_admin
- Account vendor  login via root-domain.com/vendor_admin

4. Logic process
-- 4.a.Logic pay the vendor:

Step 1. Admin changes the completion status for the order in the management page sc_admin/order/detail/order_id (ID status 5)
Step 2. Admin access to sc_admin/MultiVendorPro/payment, input payment processing date
- Payment date must be less than current date
- The payment date has already been processed and will not be processed again
- Orders with completed (Step 1) less than or equal to the payment date will be processed
Step 3:
- Processed orders will be collected by currency.

5. Custom guide
-- 5a. Chang url
To change the url please go to "app/Plugins/Other/MultiVendorPro/Route.php"
To change the url prefix (admin and front-end), please go to  "app/Plugins/Other/MultiVendorPro/config.php", or update the "MULTIVENDOR_ADMIN_PATH" and "MULTIVENDOR_FRONT_PATH" values in the .env file
-- 5b. Multivendor system configuration
Acess to link "root-domain.com/sc_admin/MultiVendorPro/config"

Support information:
Email: support@s-cart.org
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scart.opensource

License details: Here
Price : $349
Demo S-Cart Multi-vendor pro:
Link website root:
Website: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/s-cart
Link vendor1:
Website: http://vendor1.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/vendor1
Link vendor2:
Website: http://vendor2.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/vendor2
Link admin:
Admin root:
- http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/sc_admin
- test/123456
Admin vendor:
- Vendor partner: partner@vendor.com/123456
- Vendor basic: basic@vendor.com/123456
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