S-Cart multiple store

S-Cart multi-store is a premium plugin compatible with S-Cart from version 6.4
1. Function:

- You have many types of products, and want to sell them on many different websites.
- You want to just log in in one place, can manage products, orders, ... on all your different websites.
- Manage multiple websites only need a single system
2. Support from S-Cart
- Free patch support from S-Cart for the duration of use.
- Upgraded to a newer version of the multi-vendor plugin for the first 1 year.
- Guaranteed compatibility with s-cart/core and other plugins developed by S-Cart.
Installation Instructions:
Step 1:
Go to Admin -> Other Plugin -> Import Plugin
Step 2:
Import the plugin\'s .zip file
Step 3:
The installation is successful, there will be a link in Shop setting
Step 4:
Copy the template/vendor folders into your template.

Step 5:
Manage store listings


Support Information:
Email: support@s-cart.org
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scart.opensource

Demo S-Cart Multi-store pro:
Link front-end store 1:
Link front-end store 2:
Link admin:

S-Cart Multi-vendor pro