How to install new template

I. How to install
1. Automatic installation (import file zip)
2. Manual installation
II. Set the template as default

I. How to install

There are 2 ways to install templates in S-Cart:

1:  Automatic
Import of template

- This method only applies to template files (.zip) in the correct format provided by S-Cart.
- Access to "Extension -> Template manager -> Template",  tab "Import template"

2: Manual installation
Step 1: Extract the template zip file
Step 2: Open file config.js, find value configKey

Step 3: Create public folder


In the example is:  s-cart/public/templates/sc-ecommerce-demo
Step  4
Copy all files in the folder "public" to s-cart/public/templates/sc-ecommerce-demo

Step 5: 
Create folder s-cart/resources/views/templates/sc-ecommerce-demo
Copy all files in the extracted template file

Step 6:
Access to link website your-domain/sc_admin/template then install template.

II. Set the template as default

1. Setting
Finally, go to "Shop setting -> Store information -> template" to change the template you want to use.

2. Check templates
After installation is complete, access "Extension -> Template manager -> Template", tab "Save local" See if you already have your template?


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