S-Cart: Free open source ecommerce, multifunction

S-Cart is the best free e-commerce website project for individuals and businesses, built on top of Laravel Framework.

S-Cart provides full functionality of a modern e-commerce website, supports API connection to external applications.
Plus, with a constantly updated Plugin and Template library, you can easily turn your S-Cart into an e-portal for your business, ...and much more.
Our goal is "Efficient and friendly for everyone":
- Efficiency: Meet even the smallest requirements of customers.
- Friendly: Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to develop.
- Everyone: Businesses, individuals, developers, students (Anyone can install and use it, including shop owners who don't know much about programming)
We wish to contribute to the overall development of e-commerce, helping businesses save costs when operating them.
S-Cart ecommerce

List of functions of S-Cart

Shopping cart

Features create shopping cart, wishlist, compare list. In particular, data information is synchronized on different devices.


Create orders quickly and easily. S-Cart supports the function of sending email notifications of new orders to customers and admin accounts.


Customers can login via email, password or social network account. Customer accounts can edit personal information and view order history.


Products in the S-Cart fulfill a full range of information, including complex attributes. Flexible product organization: single product, bundle product, group product


S-Cart provides a powerful, secure API system, full support for application development and 3rd party integration. More details HERE


S-Cart's Plugin library is constantly expanding, updating with many new features. Most of the basic features are provided by us for free.


S-Cart fully supports the functions of creating blogs/news, creating articles by topic. In particular, you can easily turn S-Cart into a news website for your business by turning off the ecommerce function on the website..


The SEO support features are constantly updated. You can easily integrate 3rd party tools through S-Cart's customization capabilities.


S-Cart is built by Laravel, one of the most powerful website frameworks. We integrate a wide range of security features to help users manage the system.

Update, fix bugs

Users always get new feature updates and bug fixes for free. Everything is done easily through a single command line.


S-Cart admin is a powerful system that decentralizes groups and users. Full support for information management, reporting and data analysis.


S-Cart ecommerce  is completely free. We always try to keep the system stable and update with new features.