Product structure

1. Product structure
2. How to use?
1. Product structure
Product structure s-cart
In SCart, products are divided into 3 categories:
- Single: is single products.
Product "Single" support the information:

+ Basic production information: Name, keyword, description, details, photos, catalog, vendor, brand, quantity,...
+ Attribute: color, size,..additional price support for each property
+ Price: cost, sale, promotion..
+ Type: physical products, services, product downloads,..

- Bundle (Combo): is a product built from many products "Single"
- Group: is the same group of "Single" products.
These products will appear together in Group products.

2. How to use

1. Single Product
Is the basic product, meets most of the standard information of a normal product.
-> Every transaction (order creation) can be made with Single product.
In addition, the Single product is the raw material for building the Build product and Group product.
So the Single product needs to be created first.

2. Bundle Product (Combo)
Is a special product, made from 1 or more Single products.
The idea for it is products like Combo, Kit.
Therefore, before creating a Build product, you need to create its Single products first.
-> Build products can create normal orders like Single products..
More detail: HERE

3. Group Product 
Is the grouping of 1 or more Single products into a group together.
The idea for it is to group related products together, so that customers can easily access them.
Unlike Build products, Group products should not be considered a specific product. There will be no factors such as price, inventory, .. applied to the Group.
-> Therefore, it is not possible to create orders for Group products..

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