Relational data of the product

1. Data fields
2. Data relations
1. Data fields
SKU: product code.
- Is the only value and required
Other product code: upc, ean, jan, isbn, mpn.
- No require.
image: Main image of the product
brand_id: D of the product brand
supplier_id: ID of the supplier.
price: Price without tax.
- The default unit on SCart is Bit.
- Depending on the currency rate, the price will display differently outside the website,
cost: Original price of the product.
- By default, the original price is not shown outside
stock: Number of products in stock
- Quantity reduced when there is a successful order
sold: Number of products sold
kind: Classify products by structure: group products, single, build
store_id: Feature classification: downloadable, physical, ...
status: Product status
tax_id: Tax type ID that applies to the product
alias: link to the product Is unique, customizable to support SEO.
date_available: Time to sell products.
- If the value is null, the product will always be sold.

2. Data relations

See full data relationship in S-Cart here:

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