How to use product bundle

A product bundle (also known as  products combo, products set, products build, products kit) is a group of single products (single products), closely related according to a certain logic (depending on into the seller), forming a large product.
The relationship of these single products could be:
- Technically: 1 table = 4 feet + 1 table top
- In terms of sales: Combo includes shirts, bags, belt, ...
The price of the set product will normally be less than the total price of all the individual products that make it up.

The processing logic of the S-Cart bundle is as follows:

Step 1:
Create a set product of multiple single items, then update the selling price for the set product.

Step 2:
After the product sets are successfully purchased
Step 3:
Stock of set products will be deducted.
At the same time, the stock of each single product will be deducted.

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