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S-Cart multi-vendor Free - Markeplace (v2.5) Plugin multiple vendors for businesses, turn your website into an e-commerce marketplace SC: 6.9 7.0 7.1 7.2 8.0 8.1 9.0
Price: Free
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Specific functions

- Log in normally (email, password) or social networks (google, facebook, ...)
- Update personal address
- Manage shopping cart, wishlist, compare list
- Manage order history
- Buy products on the booths of the marketplace or the distributor's own domain name
- Support to quickly buy many products of vendor
- Has its own admin page
- Product Management
- Manage banners, categories
- Order management
- Update store information
- Create your own content pages (promotions, referrals, ..) (only PRO)
- Writing  blogs, news (only PRO)
- Having a booth on the main website (e-commerce platform) (only PRO)
- Use domain name exclusive for vendor website (only PRO)
- Customize the layout and template of your own website and booth. (only PRO)
- View payment history: total amount of sales, amount received, amount remaining (only PRO)
- There are 2 types of vendor accounts: basic account (store only), partner account (with own domain name) (only PRO)
- Vendor can manually create another admin account to log in to manage his store (only PRO)
- Users can register for a vendor account by themselves to sell products

- The admin account has full rights on the system
- Manage all suppliers (including products, orders, domains, ...)
- Create/delete, change vendor's store information
- Create, delete, change information  vendor login account
- Configure commission rates with vendor (only PRO)
- Enable/disable the automatic registration of vendor accounts
- Automatic/non-automatic approval of  vendors's store
- Automatic/non-automatic approval of products posted by vendors
- Manage history, statistics, payments to vendor (only PRO)
- Prevent/allow domain names from accessing the system

- Always receive new features and patches from S-Cart
- Has the full functionality of the S-Cart ecommerce system: API, multi-language, multi-currency, flexible shopping cart handling, powerful admin/group management, news generation
- Free plugin library is always updated and added: flash sale, product review, cms,...
- Community groups of S-Cart ecommerce (facbook, github) are always ready to support for free.

S-Cart multi-vendor Pro: HERE

Installation Instructions:

Step 1:
Access to  Admin -> Other Plugin -> Import Plugin
Step  2:
Import file .zip of plugin
Step 3:
Copy folder template/block and template/vendor to your template.

Step 4:
Manage store listings

Step 5:
Create a vendor account and grant store management rights



- Link admin: Root admin your-domain.com/sc_admin
- Account vendor  login via your-domain.com/vendor_admin


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