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S-Cart Multiple Store (M-Pro) (v2.0) Plugin multiple stores, multiple vendor for E-commerce website S-Cart system SC: 4.4 4.5
Price: $100
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Multiple Store Pro is a plugin powered by S-Cart ecommerce, providing the ability to create multiple stores on a single marketplace.

1. Functions
2. Installation
3. Usage

1. The function of Multiple Store Pro
The main functions of each store:
  •  Create multiple stores
  •  Separate management account for each store
  •  Configure individual information for each store
  •  Separate interface for each store
  •  Website for each store
  •  Create separate blog, write page for each store
  •  Upload products, separate categories for each store
  •  Separate order for each store
  •  Separate page maintain for each store
System Admin:
  •  Easily switch between stores
  •  Full permissions on the entire system
  •  Turn on / off stores
  •  Control domain on the system
There are 2 types of stores:
a. Normal store:
  •  Having its own store on the main website (marketplace, but no independent website
  •  Have a full range of functions to manage orders, products, categories
b. Professional store
  •  Have full functions of normal stores
  •  Have own independent website
2. Installation
Multiple Store Pro is a paid function. After downloading the file, import it like any other Plugin.
See the instructions: HERE
3. How to use

Group seller:

Create a new account seller:

Store list:

Product list in marketplace:



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