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Paypal express for S-Cart (v5.3) Papal express method for S-Cart SC: 6.8 6.9 7.0 7.1 7.2 8.0 8.1 9.0
Price: Free
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Payment method paypal for SCart, use paypal-checkout-sdk 1.0.1

Note:  You must install paypal's SDK package before installing this paypal Plugin, otherwise there will be an error.

Step1: Installation paypal SDK:

php -d memory_limit=-1 composer.phar require paypal/paypal-checkout-sdk

Step2: Install plugin paypal

Option1: Install from library
"Admin extension -> Payment -> Tab From Library -> Choose PaypalExpress -> Click button Install"

Option 2: Import
Download plugin from
Then, import plugin

Step 3: Config plugin

Step 5: Result

Nguyễn nguyên (2022-04-16 12:59:10 )
it is the best
Rashid Rasheed (2021-10-27 01:02:18 )
I am getting an error That's is Class `Papaylcheckoutsdk\orders\ordercreaterequest` Not Found.
So Please Solve me This error

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