S-Cart multiple vendor - Marketplace

Specific functions

- Log in normally (email, password) or social networks (google, facebook, ...)
- Update personal address
- Manage shopping cart, wishlist, compare list
- Manage order history
- Buy products on the main website or the vendor's own domain name

Vendor account:
- Has its own admin page
- Product Management
- Manage banners, categories
- Order management
- Update store information
- Create your own content pages (promotions, about us, ..)
- Having a store on the main website (e-commerce platform) and own website
- Use domain name exclusive for vendor website
- Customize the layout and template of your own website and store.
- There are 2 types of vendor accounts: vendor normal (only has store) and vendor partner (with own domain name)
- Each vendor can have multiple management login accounts
- B2B, B2C

- The admin account has full rights on the system
- Manage all vendors (including products, orders, domains, ...)
- Always receive new features and patches from S-Cart
- Have all the functions of the S-Cart ecommerce system: API, multi-language, multi-currency, flexible shopping cart handling, powerful group management/admin rights, create news
- Free plugin library is always updated and added
- Community groups of S-Cart ecommerce (facbook, github) are always ready to support for free.

Comparison the vendor admin account
  Vendor basic Vendor partner
Stores on the marketplace Yes Yes
Account vendor admin Yes Yes
Create your own category Yes Yes
Product management Yes Yes
Category management Yes Yes
Order management Yes Yes
Store config information Yes Yes
Custom CSS -- Yes
Create content blocks -- Yes
Website for private maintenance -- Yes
Store configuration -- Yes
Has its own page -- Yes
Have your own website -- Yes

Installation guide:
Step 1:
Go to Admin -> Other Plugin -> Import Plugin
Step 2:
Import the plugin\'s .zip file
Step 3:
The installation is successful, there will be a link in Shop setting
Step 4:
Copy the template/block and template/vendor folders into your template.

Step 5:
Manage store listings

Step 6:
Create user vendor and choose store



- Link admin: Root admin  your-domain.com/sc_admin
- The vendor account be logged in via your-domain.com/vendor_admin


Email: support@s-cart.org
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scart.opensource

License details: Here
Price : $279
Demo S-Cart Multi-vendor pro:
Link website root:
Website: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/s-cart
Link vendor1:
Website: http://vendor1.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/vendor1
Link vendor2:
Website: http://vendor2.s-cart.org
Path store: http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/vendor/vendor2
Link admin:
Admin root:
- http://m-vendor.s-cart.org/sc_admin
- test/123456
Admin vendor:
- Vendor partner: vendor1@vendor1.com/123456
- Vendor basic: vendor4@vendor4.com/123456
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