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S-Cart multi-vendor is a premium plugin compatible with S-Cart from version 6.3
1. Function:
- Turn S-Cart into a basic marketplace
- Each vendor will have a separate booth on the e-commerce market (website root)
- Each vendor in the partner group has its own website (own domain).
- Each vendor has its own account to manage categories, products, and orders
- Customers can buy vendor's products through the root website or partner's own website.
- Vendor customizes booth information
2. Support from S-Cart.
- Free patch support from S-Cart for the first year.
- Upgraded to a newer version of the multi-vendor plugin for the first year.
- Guaranteed compatibility with s-cart/core and other plugins developed by S-Cart.
Comparison the vendor admin account
  Vendor basic Vendor partner
Stores on the marketplace Yes Yes
Account vendor admin Yes Yes
Create your own category Yes Yes
Product management Yes Yes
Category management Yes Yes
Order management Yes Yes
Store config information Yes Yes
Custom CSS No Yes
Create content blocks No Yes
Website for private maintenance No Yes
Store configuration No Yes
Has its own page No Yes
Have your own website No Yes

Installation guide:
Step 1:
Go to Admin -> Other Plugin -> Import Plugin
Step 2:
Import the plugin\'s .zip file
Step 3:
The installation is successful, there will be a link in Shop setting
Step 4:
Copy the template/block and template/vendor folders into your template.

Step 5:
Manage store listings

Step 6:
Create user vendor and choose store



- Link admin: Root admin  your-domain.com/sc_admin
- The vendor account be logged in via your-domain.com/vendor_admin


Email: support@s-cart.org
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scart.opensource

Demo S-Cart Multi-vendor pro:
Link front-end root:
Link front-end vendor:
Link store vendor:
Link root admin:
Admin root: test/123456
Link vendor admin:
Vendor partner: vendor1@vendor1.com/123456
Vendor basic: vendor4@vendor4.com/123456

S-Cart Multi-store pro
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