License type for business

Version license information:

- Applies to paid versions of S-Cart, plugins, and templates with a fee
- Not applicable for S-Cart ecommerce source code

  Standard Extend Business
Full source code Yes Yes Yes
Document Yes Yes Yes
Domain Switching Yes Yes Yes
Switch license Yes Yes Yes
Plugin bug fixes Free Free Free
Email support Standard Fast (2-6 hours) Highest priority
Installation support Document Document + Remote Document + Remote
Custom consultation --- Yes Yes
Update new version --- Yes Yes
Limit domain 1 1 Unlimited

- All licenses must renew every 12 months
- You are not allowed to share or resell the product in any way without S-Cart's consent.
- In the business version, we do not limit the number of domains used. However, it must be owned by you.
- License change fee is equal to the price difference between 2 licenses at the time of conversion.
- Domain conversion fee is equal to 20% of the value of the license at the time of conversion.
- The renewal fee is equal to 80% of the license value at the time of renewal.