API create a new customer
(Last update: 2020-05-03)

1. Required field
2. Optional data field
3. Demo

To create a new customer account via the API, you use:
Link: https: // your-domain / api / auth / create
Method: POST
Data fields:

1. Required field
These fields must always be in any configuration.
+ reg_first_name: Customer name. A string, up to 100 characters
+ reg_email: Email. Is a string, email format, up to 255 characters, this email does not exist on the system yet.
+ reg_password: Password. Is a string,min 6 characters
+ reg_address1: Customer address As a string, up to 255 characters

2. Optional data field

These fields depend on your configuration on the website.
To know exactly which data fields are used, visit:
"Customer manager" => "Customer configuration"
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+ reg_last_name: Customer's last name. A string, up to 100 characters
+ reg_address2: Additional address. A string, up to 100 characters
+ reg_phone: Phone number. Proper phone number syntax
+ reg_country: Country's ISO code. For example VN, EN, JP
+ reg_postcode: Postal code. Is the string, min 5 characters. May be null.
+ reg_company: Company. A string, up to 100 characters. May be null
+ reg_sex: Sex. Is number
+ reg_birthday: Birthday. Correct Y-m-d time format
+ reg_group: User group. Is numeric, may be null

3. Demo
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