S-Cart command line

The useful command lines will support S-Cart since version 4.x:

To view S-Cart version information

php artisan sc:info

To update the core version of S-Cart:

composer update s-cart/core

Or you can use php composer.phar update s-cart/core if you don't have composer installed.

Update core for S-Cart (Support from S-Cart 6.8)

php artisan sc: update

This command is supported since S-Cart 6.8, is run after you update core: php composer.phar update s-cart/core

To create a new plugin:

php artisan sc:make plugin --name=Group\PluginName

Example: php artisan sc:make plugin --name=Payment\Paypal

To create data backup file (The sql file is stored in storage/backups):

php artisan sc:backup --path=abc.sql

To recover data:

php artisan sc:restore --path =abc.sql

To customize validation parameters

php artisan sc: customize validation

Check file: config/validation.php
To manually customize the admin page:

php artisan sc:customize admin

This command will create new directories resources/views/admin and file config/admin.php
After set the value customize=true in config/admin.php you can modify template admin.  More detail HERE

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