Install plugin

1. Types of plugins
2. Install the Plugin
2.1. Install online
2.2. Import
2.3. Install manual
How to install Plugin
1.Types of plugins
All extended functions in SCart called "Plugin".
SCart plugin includes 5 groups:
- Payment: The function of supporting online payment
- Shipping: Shipping order functions
- Total: Function that changes the order value (discounts, promotions ..)
- CMS content: Content management function
- Other: Other functions

2. Install Plugin
2.1. Install online
- The plugin is installed directly from SCart library

Install plugin

2.2.  Import
- Import plugin function (.zip) via import function.

Install plugin

Import only supports formatted files .zip, max size 50MB

Install plugin

2.3. Install manual
The SCart Plugin file after unzipping has 2 directories:
- public: Contains static files. For example images, javascript, css
- src: Contains the main code of the Plugin
The configuration file of the Plugin is src/config.json
The contents of the config file contain important configuration information:

"configGroup": "Plugins", -> is Plugins
"configCode": "Payment", -> Types of Plugin
"configKey": "Paypal", -> Key plugin

Step 1:
Copy the content in the directory "public" to "public/Plugins/Payment/Paypal"
Copy directory content "src" to "app/Plugins/Payment/Paypal"
With PaymentPaypal are the values defined in the file "config".
Upload plugin location:

├── app
│     ├── Plugins
│            ├── Payment
│             |          |___Paypal
│             |___Shipping
├── public
│     ├── Plugins
│            ├── Payment
│             |           |___Paypal
│             |___Shipping
 |__ ...

Step 2:
Depending on the type of Plugin "configCode", you access Admin to perform the Plugin installation

Install plugin
Install plugin

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