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S-Cart is the free source e-commerce website, built on Laravel Framework 8.x and later versions.
Larave Framework:
  •  Please refer to the Laravel Framework website to understand more about this technology.
  •  We don't mess with Laravel's core, making sure that S-Cart will always get the latest updates from the framework.
S-Cart core:
  •  We developed S-Cart/core, as a foundation for our systems
  •  New features, as well as patches will be updated with the "php composer.phar update s-cart/core" command line, users will have to do very little to update new additions. for myself.
  •  When updating S-Cart / core, Laravel core will be updated as well.
S-Cart open source:
  •  Each S-Cart version will be compatible with the respective S-Cart/core versions.
  •  SC always tries to build systems to meet the majority of user requests. However, in some cases you need to make your own corrections, please refer to the instructions in the customization section.
  •  Like Laravel, we do not encourage users to arbitrarily move the location of the public/index.php file, as it is related to security.
Thanks for your trust in supporting S-Cart :)

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