Release note

S-Cart 6.7 full version


- Change the data type from int to bigint of product_id, address_id, ... to better support businesses when the amount of data is too large.
- Extend the length of data fields containing text
- Support to change CSS in admin for each different template
- Support developer, allow to replace all helper functions of s-cart without modifying core
- Optimized some functions in the previous version.
- Support "Ecommerce mode", completely remove routes related to ecommece (products, orders, cart...) from the front-end. Use only the mere news cms functions.
- Hotfix error security download file from s-cart/core 6.7.2
- Hotfix issue null after add new language from s-cart/core 6.7.3

#v6.7.1, v6.7.2

- Optimize query model for function getDetail
- Add role admin cms
- Optimize customize homepage, support converting S-Cart into website portal