Release note

S-Cart 6.5 full version


- Support APIs connection from mobile app or 3rd party apps, 3-layer security with apikey, apiconnection, and access_token (distinguish admin, member)
Ref :
- Hooks for events: create new order, complete new order, change order status, create new customer account
More detail #HERE
- Laravel 8 Standardization #HERE
- Remove provider from config #HERE
- Fix syntax php #HERE
- Fix error update language #HERE core


- Sync shopping cart data across devices, retaining information when users log back in #HERE
- Add function to automatically delete carts (including wishlist, comparison list) over time
php artisan sc:clear-cart
- Fix error get store_id for multi stores
- Fix error Target class [routes] does not exist #HERE
- Hoxfix error plugin invalid. Hacker can change payment method, shipping method from screen process cart #HERE. Fixed s-cart/core
- Hotfix error when user admin is not administator login #HERE. Fixed s-cart/core

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