Release note

S-Cart 6.4 full version


- Data reorganization, better support for multi-vendor, multi-store functions
- Clean up residual code, add language display errors
- Add order tracking based on device (desktop, phone...)
- Optimized the display in the admin page
- Improved product deletion function
- Fixed bugs in the old version


- Add code error number install #HERE
- Optimize core, easily integrate middleware from plugin
- Fix error format plugin default
- Hot fix error plugin discount #HERE #HERE
- Hot fix error update tax value in admin console #HERE in s-cart/core
- Fix error encode attribute product in order #HERE in s-cart/core
- Fix security while upload file #HERE s-cart, and core #HERE
- Hoxfix error plugin invalid. Hacker can change payment method, shipping method from screen process cart #HERE Fixed s-cart/core

Download full version: