How to install new template
(Last update: 2021-05-13)

1. Settings
There are 2 ways to install templates in S-Cart:

a. Import file

- This method only applies to the template file (.zip) in the correct format provided by S-Cart.
- Go to "Extension -> Template manager -> Template", go to the "Import template" tab

b. Copy template
The default structure of the template has 2 folders: public (containing static files such as images, css, ..) and src (copy to the resources folder containing the blade view files).

2. Check template again
After the installation is complete, go to "Extension -> Template manager -> Template", go to the "Save local" tab to see if you already have your template?

3. Set template default
Finally, go to "Shop setting -> Store information -> template" to change the template you want to use.

Lưu ý:
Since S-Cart version 6.2.3, we support additional scenarios when installing templates.
- For standard import template, you can't skip this operation
- For the template installed by copying, after installing step 3, return to the screen in step 2,  click the refresh button to rerun the scripts set up specifically for the template
- This button only appears in the templates being used

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