Upgrade guide

There are many differences between S-Cart 6.1 and 6.2, so make sure your data is properly backed up before performing any of these actions:

Step 1. Create languages ​​panel (required)
See here: https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart/blob/master/database/migrations/2020_00_00_step2_create_tables_shop.php#L670

Step 2. Import the data for the newly created table (required)

Step 3. Replace the trans function by the function sc_language_render
The function "sc_language_render()" will prioritize data in languages ​​table.
Note: You should keep the files in the resources/lang directory to make sure that after using sc_language_render there are no language errors.

Step 4. Customize the admin interface
If you are using the default admin interface, skip this step.
Copy the resources/admin directory to resources/vendor/s-cart-admin

Step 5. Update the composer.json file
Update to S-Cart 6.2 "s-cart/core":"~6.2.0"

Step 6: Perform update core
"php composer.phar update s-cart/core"
- Run the command "php artisan sc: info" to check version information.

Done :)

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