1. Add new language
2. Fix error hidden items

1. Add new language
To add new or edit languages, go to "System config -> Localisation -> Language"

List of languages

Create a new language

- The language file is in resources -> lang
The code must be the same as the folder name that contains the language file.

├── app
├── databases
├── public
├── resources
│     └── lang
│              └── vi
│              └── en
- By default, the first 2 languages, English and Vietnamese will not be deleted. If not using, 
you can create new languages and activate them, then turn off the 2 default languages. 
- When creating a new language, you must also create additional language files like en and vi 

2. Fixed an issue where the item was lost when adding a new language
When adding a new language, multi-language support items (products, categories, articles ...) will not be displayed when the website changes to a new language.
You need to update new language content for those items.
Step 1:
In admin, switch to the old language to display all items
Step 2:
Performing editing of the item. Added new language contents.

Video guide to create a new language:

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