Release note
(Last update: 2020-12-05 17:12:03)

S-Cart 4.5 release with major changes:
- Fixed plugin format error
Plugin file format is no longer suitable for new versions of S-Cart.
So creating a new plugin via the command line "php artisan sc: make plugin --name ="Key/Code" " will not work correctly.
- Hot fix page admin report : more here
- Adding the function of manually adding template components, scripts to the layout.
For many reasons, we need scripts or views to enter layouts automatically, without the end user having to edit the layout.
For example when installing the product review plugin.
This includes adding the global functions "sc_push_include_view" and "sc_push_include_script" in the s-cart/core, and adding render elements in views of the front-end, see here.

Instructions for upgrading from version 4.4:

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