S-Cart: Free open source ecommerce

S-Cart is the best free e-commerce website project for individuals and businesses, built on top of Laravel Framework.

S-Cart provides full functionality of a modern e-commerce website, supports API connection to external applications.
Plus, with a constantly updated Plugin and Template library, you can easily turn your S-Cart into an e-portal for your business, ...and much more.
Our goal is "Efficient and friendly for everyone":
- Efficiency: Meet even the smallest requirements of customers.
- Friendly: Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to develop.
- Everyone: Businesses, individuals, developers, students.
We wish to contribute to the overall development of e-commerce, helping businesses save costs when operating them.
We build the S-Cart completely free for community use, so you don't need to pay us any fees, you don't even need to ask us for permission to use S-Cart.
However, like so many other open source code, we always welcome the financial support from individuals and organizations to be able to continue developing SC in the long term, ensuring better quality.

Please support us, because we will always stand by you.
S-Cart Team!
S-Cart ecommerce