Release note
(Last update: 2020-11-15 17:58:43)

S-Cart 4.3 is officially released:
- Option On/Off payment method, shipping method
Not all websites have the need to use payment and shipping functions.
Therefore, S-Cart 4.3 will allow users to disable payment and shipping functions.

- Improved search function for products and orders in admin
+ Allows searching for products by category
+ Search for orders by time, status, email, ID
- Improved function of sorting list page in admin
+ In previous versions, the sort function did not work in conjunction with the search function.
The problem has been resolved in this version.
- Optimize source code and fix bugs that exist in previous versions
- Function to hide copyright information in the admin footer
+ User can optionally turn off copyright information in the admin footer

Instructions to upgrade from version 4.2:

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