Create a new Template

1. Use the command line
- Split the file
- Create compressed file
2. Download the sample file
To create a new plugin in SCart, you have 2 ways:
1. Use the command line
- Create a Plugin and automatically split the file to separate directories

php artisan sc:make plugin --name=DemoTemplate --download=0

DemoTemplate: Is your Key Name Template
+ "--download=0": Specify create template and split file. It is not required.
Create new template
After creating the Template successfully, the new file structure will be as follows:

├── public
│     ├── templates
│                |___DemoTemplate
├── resources
│     ├── views
│            ├── templates
│             |          |___DemoTemplate
 |__ ...

- Create compressed file

php artisan sc:make plugin --name=DemoTemplate --download=1

Must have the value "--download=1" to create a compressed file

Dòng lệnh này tạo thành 1 file .zip chuẩn, có thểm import hoặc upload lên thư viện của SCart
Create new template
The resulting command line returns field "Path", which is the name of the compressed file created in the "storage/tmp" directory.

2. Download the sample file
To download the sample file, go to
Create new template


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