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1. Install online
2. Install import
3. Install manual
4. Template management
How to install Template
install template
There are 3 ways to install the template on SCart:

1. Install online
Installed template directly from SCart library.
Step 1: Access "Template & Layout-> Template manager"
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Step 2:
On tab "From library", select the template you want to install

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2. Import template
Is to install the template through the import function on the SCart website.
The import function only accepts files .zip, max size is  50MB.

3. Install manual
Extracting the SCart template file has 2 folders:
- public: Contains static files. For example images, javascript, css
- src: Contains the main code of the interface
The configuration file of the template is "src/config.json"
The contents of the config file contain important configuration information:

    "configKey": "ScartDefault", -> is the key of the template

Copy the files in the directory "public" to "public/templates/ScartDefault"
Copy the files in the directory "src" to "resources/views/templates/ScartDefault"
With "ScartDefault" is the value defined in the file "config.json"
The file structure will look like this:

├── public/templates/
│   ├── your-template-1
│   └── your-template-2
|__ resources/views/templates/
    ├── your-template-1
    └── your-template-2

4. Template management
Step 1: Access "Template & Layout ->Template manager"
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Step 2:
On tab  "Save local" , select the interface to activate
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