Create and config store

Since version 3.0, S-Cart supports the function of managing multiple stores on the system:
- Each store has its own information: Name, address, email, phone number, logo, ..
Each store has its own independent domain (website address).
- Each store sells products independently.
- Orders charged separately for each independent store.
- Each store has independent maintenance content.
- Website interface (template) independent.
- Independent default language.
- Independent time zone.
- Independent currency.
1. Creat a new store
2. Configure store information
3. Remove store
1. Create a new store
System Admin -> Store manager
Create new store in S-Cart

2. Configure store information

config store
To configure store information, click the configuration icon as shown above
Edit necessary store information
Config store

3. Remove a store
To delete the store, click on the "remove" icon as shown below
Remove store

- The first store cannot be deleted

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