Configuration modes

1. Active/ Maintenance mode
2. Domain management mode

1. Active/ Maintenance mode
Active mode
- In active mode, the store (website) works normally.
However, if the maintenance mode is activated (ie shutting down the website), when the customer visits the website, the same error screen will be sent.
Nội dung bảo trì
- To edit the content of maintenance notice, go to System Admin -> Store Manager -> Maintenance page

Maintain content

2. Domain management mode
Lock domain mode
This is the mode that allows domains to operate in the S-Cart system.
- If the domain is locked, and domain censorship (STRIT) is turned on, when accessing the locked domain, you will receive the notification screen as below.
strict mode
Nội dung block domain
- If the domain is locked, but domain censorship is not active, when accessing the locked domain, it will receive the content of the root domain of the S-Cart system.

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