Release notes

SCart first launched both versions 1.1 and 2.0 at the same time.
The only difference:   SCart 1.1  continues to evolve on Laravel 6.x, while SCart 2.0 is Laravel 7.x.
Therefore, SC1.1 still requires PHP > = 7.2, while SC2.0 requires PHP > = 7.2.5.

In these two new versions, SC has added the following features to meet users' requirements:

 Support multiple delivery addresses:

In previous versions, each customer had only one delivery address that was identical to the primary address.
+ Management function of receiving addresses is added for both admin and customers
+ Customers can choose the default address, or add new easily

Support managing multiple suppliers for each product:

In previous versions, each product had only 1 supplier.

Support tax functions for the product:

This is a newly added feature.
+ Taxes can be configured by default for general use on all products.
+ Each product can also be assigned a separate tax, or tax exemption
+ It is possible to install multiple tariffs simultaneously

Upgrade to new statistical chart, more intuitive and beautiful

In addition, some modifications to the code have also been made to improve website performance.

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