How to deploy S-Cart on shared hosting

Version 3.3
1. If you have the right to manually change the directory of the website hosting on your hosting, point the domain to the path folder-s-cart/public.
2. However, if the directory containing your web site is fixed it cannot be changed. For example, /home/your-folder/public_html

├── public_html
 |__ s-cart-folder
    ├── app
    ├── public
    └── ...

The public_html directory is not the same as the default structure of S-Cart (is public). So you need to perform the following steps:

- Upload the entire S-Cart folder to hosting, on par with the public_html
- Make sure the public_html directory is empty (deleted everything inside)
- Create symbolic links from folder /home/your-folder/s-cart/public to /home/your-folder/public_html.
+ If you have ssh rights, use the following command:
ln -s /home/your-folder/s-cart/public /home/your-folder/public_html
+ If you don't have direct ssh rights, try circumventing the rules by finding the crontab function on your hosting management website.