Release notes

Version 3.3
S-Cart 3.3 has the changes compared to previous versions:
  • Change the directory structure of the module / extension:

├── app
├── databases
├── app
│     ├── Plugins
│            ├── Modules
│                    ├──Module 1
│                     |___Module 2
│             |___Extensions
│                    ├── Extension 1
│                     |___ Extension 2
 |__ ...

In previous versions, S-Cart supported modules/extensions for the website.
However, the source code of a module is scattered in many different locations.
This makes it difficult to pack, share, and edit plugins.
From SC3.3 version, all files of a module/extension will be concentrated in a single folder.
In addition, additional development functions for S-Cart, we will share at the address Extension.
In the future, S-Cart will also allow the community to share plugins here.
  •  S-Cart 3.3 also started supporting website owners to receive error messages via Slack's webhook.

├── app
├── storage
       |__ logs
             |__ handle

Next to Laravel's default bug tracking log at app/storage/logs, we also support the admin by adding the error log of the website at app/storage/logs/handle