Check for errors in the system

S-Cart provides 2 types of log files to track errors arising on the system:

├── app
├── storage
      └── logs
                     ├── 2019-11-23.txt
                     ├── 2019-11-24.txt
                     └── 2019-11-25.txt

              ├── laravel-2019-11-23.log
              ├── laravel-2019-11-24.log
              └── laravel-2019-11-25.log

  •  Basic log
Is the default logging system of the Laravel framework.
  •  File log optimization
Log file system has been optimized for content.

Get an error message on Slack.
In addition to the optimized log file creation mechanism, since version 3.3, S-Cart supports receiving log notifications on Slack  . How to set up:
- Priority in the admin declaration
Config manager  => Config environment => Report error to Slack webhook
- If the value in admin is not declared, S-Cart will use the value LOG_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL in the .env file.
For example: