Guide for creating and installing a new template on S-Cart

1. How to create a new template 

- The first, copy the folder:
"resources/views/templates/default"  to "resources/views/templates/your-template",
"public/templates/default"  to "public/templates/your-template"

- Edit the information in the configuration file resources/your-template/config.json

    "name": "Your template name 1",
    "image": "http://link-your-image.jpg",
    "auth": "Your name",
    "email": "",
    "website": "",
    "version": "1.0.0"

- Edit the folder name, and upload the file in the same structure as the public and the resources below:

├── public/templates/
│   ├── your-template-1
│   └── your-template-2
|__ resources/views/templates/
    ├── your-template-1
    └── your-template-2

So, you have a new template of your own.

2. Install and manage templates

To manage the website template on S-Cart, visit:
Admin -> Template & Layout -> Template manager

Here, you can change your template.

Video instructions for installing new templates for S-Cart