Instructions for using API module

Since v3.4, S-Cart supports API module so that external applications can access information to websites using the S-Cart platform.
By default, the API module will not be integrated with S-Cart. You need to download the module HERE.
Unzip and upload the API module's directory to the path "S-Cart-folder\app\Plugins\Modules\Other".
Install the module at the link:  "".
Detailed instructions to install the Plugin HERE.

After successful installation, the API module will appear in "Admin system / API manager":

How to use:

Currently, API module 1.0 only supports 2 types of API for obtaining product and order information.
- Get the product list:,field2&page=1&limit=10
- Get details of 1 product:{id-product}?secret_key=YOUR-SECRET-KEY
- Get the list of orders:,field2&page=1&limit=10
- Details 1 order{id-order}?secret_key=YOUR-SECRET-KEY

Operation logic:

- Secret key: All APIs need to use a "Secret key" to work.
Each "secret key" has a status and an expiry time. "Secret key" only works when the time is up, or the "Expire" value is left blank.
- IP allow: List of IPs allowed to use "Secret key".
The priority of IP allow is highest. Only those IP lists (if not empty) will be accessible.
- IP deny: IP list banned from using "Secret key".
If "IP allow" is blank, all IPs are accepted except for the "IP deny" list.
If both the deny IP and allow IP are empty, the "secret key" will agree to all IPs.
- Fields allow: List of permitted data fields.
If this list is left blank, the "id" value will be returned to the default.