Release note
(Last update: 2021-05-03)

S-Cart 6.2 released in May 2021, with major changes:

1. Support editing language in web admin

- By default, S-Cart supports languages in resources / lang files and the language directories of packages.
However, since version 6.2, we support language management in database.
- Difference from function "sc_language_render". 
When the language is rendered via this function, instead of Laravel's default "trans" function, S-Cart will first find out if the language is defined in the data?
If not, the language will be searched in the same computation files as Laravel.


2. Sample data when setting
Instead of data directly embedded in "database/seeders" files, since version 6.2, data is loaded directly from s-cart / core.

3. Customize admin page interface
To customize the look of the admin page, use the command"php artisan sc:customize admin".
The admin template files will be copied from core to the directory"resources/vendor/s-cart-admin",  not "resources/admin" in old vesions.


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