Document for SCart

SCart is a free e-commerce website project for businesses, built on the Laravel framework.
Our highest goals are aimed at general users:
- Customers do not need to know much about technology.
- Powerful system, many useful functions.
- Easy to access, easy to use.

* We build S-Cart based on the original Laravel, so you can manually upgrade the Laravel versions in S-Cart as needed. *

The main functions of SCart:

======= FRONT-END =======
- Multi-language
- Multi-currency
- Multi-address
- Multi-supplier
- Shopping cart
- Product attributes: cost price, promotion price, stock, tax..
- CMS content: category, news, content, web page
- Module/Extension: Shipping, payment, discount, ...
- SEO support
- API module
- Support library plugin, template
======= ADMIN =======
- Admin roles, permission powerful and flexible
- Product manager
- Order management
- Customer management
- Template manager
- Module/Extension manager
- Backup, restore data
- Report: chart, statistics, export csv, pdf...